How It Works

In an EMERGENCY, World Help Card will be there for you.

Especially in life threatening situations, your important information is on your World Help Card to aid you and your loved-ones.

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World Help Card is FREE and available to everyone. Just add your information from a selection of options and your World Help Card will be ready to be printed.

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World Help Card is the most important card you could carry in an emergency.

If an unforeseen combination of circumstances poses an immediate risk to health or life and you’re forced to call for an urgent need for assistance, World Help Card is that missing link needed by emergency services and first responders to help you. Be prepared!

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MANAGE YOUR World Help Card

Create an account and manage your World Help Card from anywhere in the world. One family member can manage multiple World Help Card accounts.

Data should continually be updated. Simply print your new World Help Card!

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Be prepared. No matter where you go; whether at home, at school, the office, visiting friends, or travelling through a foreign country, a crisis can hit at any time.

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Always have your World Help Card on your person, in case of an emergency!

Approximate *46% of medical errors occur while patients are being admitted because they don’t have their important medical information at hand.

Ill-advised prescriptions can also be fatal as approximately **7000 deaths each year in the United States are related to medication related errors.

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World Help Card ON YOUR PHONE

Whether you are travelling locally, internationally, on business, on holiday, alone, with family, friends or business colleagues, World Help Card will always be by your side.

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Time is of vital importance in case of an emergency.

When your health is at stake, having your current medical data at hand assists first responders, doctors and nurses to make the correct decisions.

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As time is of paramount importance especially in an MEDICAL EMERGENCY having your current medical data at hand will assist • paramedics • doctors • nurses • etc. … to correctly diagnosing and treat you correctly in the early stage of an MEDICAL EMERGENCY more people die in an emergency situation due to wrong medications being given and due to lack of patient “YOUR” knowledge

It is estimated that 46% of medical errors occur at patient’s admission or discharge because of lack of information (Ref: Medical Errors USP Patient Safety CAPSLink)